Riot removes the blindfold on League’s upcoming ASUs featuring 2 iconic champions

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Over the past few years, Riot Games has started to take a look at some of League of Legends’ older champions to ensure that they can keep up with the latest releases that have hit Summoner’s Rift. We’ve seen iconic champions like Ahri and Caitlyn go through major updates to freshen up their looks, and now, two more popular characters will be getting a makeover for 2023.

The developer team has revealed that Lee Sin and Teemo are the next champions on the list for an art and sustainability update, which should be exciting for any longtime players. Teemo was among the first champions released for League in 2009, while Lee Sin first hit the servers in 2011.

Image via Riot Games

It has been more than a decade since these champions were released, and although most players will agree that their gameplay isn’t outdated, a fresh coat of paint will be much appreciated as designs and animations continue to evolve with all of the new technology that the developers have at their disposal.

Lee Sin is currently one of the most popular champions in the world, especially in the jungle, which is where he excels the most. He constantly has some of the highest play rates in the role thanks to his flashy playstyle and overall effectiveness when ganking enemy lanes. His animations and voice lines, however, have remained the same for a very long time and could do with some updates to his look and his lore.

Image via Riot Games

Teemo, on the other hand, has been an infamous champion since his release but hasn’t seen much play over the last few years. His playstyle hasn’t changed too much since he simply controls areas with his Noxious Trap mushrooms while focusing on sneaking around in bushes with his invisibility. His animations and overall design are also relatively outdated and will do well with a new set of clothes for the battlefield.

Though the Lee Sin and Teemo ASUs are next in the pipeline, Riot did not provide a specific release window for these updates.

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