Riot pushes Yuumi nerfs to League, eyeing more changes to freshly-reworked champion

Another day, another issue with Yuumi.

Just as many League of Legends players anticipated, the newly-reworked Yuumi is a bit too strongeven rivaling the power she had before her extensive changes were shipped.

Riot Phroxzon, lead designer on the Summoners Rift team for League, explained on Twitter that Yuumis Q max build is overperforming, and thus a hotfix nerf has been implemented for the champion. This comes only two days after her rework was introduced alongside Patch 13.5, with Yuumi having accrued a nearly 50-percent win rate and 30-percent ban rate in high elo in this short period of time.

The damage of Yuumis empowered Q, which she can trigger by becoming best friends with an ally, has been decreased to 355 damage at max rank from 380. The slow from this also now caps at 65 percent.

Phroxzon further explained that the team is fully aware Yuumi released in too strong of a state, and that they are looking at more changes aimed at nerfing other aspects of her kitthough no other changes accompany this hotfix. He specifically noted diminishing the power in her ultimate, as well as tuning the Best Friend mechanic associated with her passive.

Yuumi has been arguably the most controversial champion ever released in League since she joined the growing cast of characters in 2019. For nearly four years, both casual and professional players have voiced their concern for her unhealthy gameplay that revolves around her being completely untargetable by enemies while providing her allies with massive heals and damage buffswhich does not seem to have been fixed by her recent rework.

These hotfix nerfs are now available in League, following a brief update patched into the game last night due to an unintended interaction between her and Tear of the Goddess. It is unclear if and when further nerfs to the champion will be pushed to the game.

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