Riot pumps brakes on Ivern rework after LoL player criticism—but buff changes still coming

Nipped in the bud.

Its back to the drawing board for the Green Father. Riot Games is canning the major Ivern update that was originally slated to release in League of Legends Patch 13.10 after ongoing player feedback in the last few weeks leading up to May 17 made it clear the changes werent something they wanted.

The Ivern midscope update was expected to arrive this Thursday after the League developers held it back a fortnight, but thats now been scrapped.

Instead, Riot will be handing the Green Father a little pile of buffs and some quality-of-life love to make up for his missing rework, the devs said on May 17. Full details havent actually been added to the Patch 13.10 notes just yet.

They have already been added to Ivern on the League PBE testing realm though, Dot Esports can confirm, and include:

  • Q 50 percent cooldown refund if you Q a camp.
  • W Gives allies additional magic damage for 1.5 seconds after leaving any created bush, brushes created via Active are revealed for eight seconds.
  • E Ivern gets a second shield if Triggerseed detonates and deals no damage to enemy champions.
  • R Is no longer getting any changes.

Beyond that, the devs will be letting the pot boil on a little longer before revisiting bringing the new Ivern to live servers later this season.

Not everything has been delayed though. Ivern is going to have some time to simmer, but Riot is still very much full steam ahead on shipping the plotted universal buff-sharing changes in League Patch 13.10. These will see players given a slice of the buff pies if they help ally junglers with leashes.

While many League players voiced their concerns over the indefinite delay, Ivern mains welcomed Wednesday’s move. There were fears in the small Green Father community that Riot had taken a “cookie-cutter” approach to the rework, so the devs holding back the release has been music to those fans’ ears.

The rest of League’s Patch 13.10 update hit servers today.

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