Riot preemptively adjusts revamped League item to prevent abuse

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Season 12 is slowly coming to an end, meaning that Riot Games is already elbow-deep in experimentation, limit-testing, and balance testing for the upcoming season 13. The entire list of changes hitting the live servers with preseason, although still a work in progress, is already ready for testing on PBE.

The changes that stood out from the bunch are the Navori Quickblades tweaks that will probably skyrocket the sales as the patch goes live. To avoid abuse of this incredibly powerful item, Riot devs already shared notes and restrictions that will apply to this item. 

According to Riot’s RayYonggi, Navori Quickblades will require you to purchase 60 percent crit chance before your passive starts working properly. On top of that, the item wont work with the innate crit chance that champions like Tryndamere have. We still have to see what the future for Yasuo and Yone holds.

It does not work on Tryndamere’s innate crit chance at all. For Yasuo/Yone, it’s not locked in whether we want it to work similar to IE or not,” RayYonggi said. “The item will read: ‘Must have 60% purchased crit chance’ or something similar, and for Yasuo/Yone we will likely opt into whatever is most intuitive as far as functionality goes.

Besides, Riot devs still have to discuss how Navori Quickblades will interact with crit chance scaling champions like Senna and Kindred. Nonetheless, the level of readiness to preemptively stop the abuse of the item is still impressive. 

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