Riot plans to buff iconic champs like Miss Fortune, Twisted Fate, and many more in League Patch 12.17

Riot wants to fine-tune various champions without disrupting the meta too much.

Riot Games has revealed the various champions and items that will receive buffs in the upcoming League of Legends Patch 12.17. Lead designer Matt Phroxzon Leun-Harrison has said that the dev team does not plan on changing the meta too much, especially since the 2022 World Championship is just around the corner.

The biggest winner of this patch will be Miss Fortune. All four of her abilities have been pumped up, increasing her overall damage by a huge amount. While it might still not make her an attractive pick for pro matches, her pick rate is bound to rise in ranked queues.

The devs will be buffing champions for every role in Patch 12.17. 

With Camille being already picked in the summer split playoffs by multiple teams, her passive and AD ratio buffs might make her more appealing against certain matchups in the top lane. Sett might make a comeback as his main damage-dealing and crowd-control abilities get stronger in this patch. Even top lane Graves can be a possibility with the buffs given to him in this patch.

The mid-lane champion pool can also expand as Twisted Fate, Nocturne, and Kassadin become more viable picks. Their stronger skills (passive for Nocturne) will help them deal more damage, especially in the early game.

Aside from Miss Fortune, Ezreal is the only AD carry receiving buffs in this patch. But since none of his damage-dealing abilities have been targeted, it does not make too much of an impact on him.

Rell is no longer a popular support pick in League and even with the two buffs, she might not become a viable choice against the current meta supports.

On the side of the items, Seekers Armguards Ability Power has been increased. But since it builds into Zhonyas Hourglass which has become more expensive, it does not feel like it can make more impact in the game.
These are all the buffs that League players can expect in the upcoming patch. It will be coming to live servers on Thursday, Sept. 8.

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