Riot planning to change 2 Mythic items in future League patch

One is too powerful, the other needs some love.

Riot Game is keeping up its streak of consistent communication with its League of Legends community, as lead game designer Axes shared another off-cycle round of Quick Gameplay Thoughts today.

In the post, the developer opened up a discussion on the state of roaming mid laners and roaming as a strategy in general, as well as their approach to balancing champions for the foreseeable future. Between the two topics, however, Axes also went briefly through the state of some items, specifically two of the three Lethality Mythic items.

The balance team believes that Prowler’s Claw and Duskblade of Draktharr need some tweaking soon for “game health reasons”. Riot Axes says that Prowler’s Claw is breaking the counterplay on too many champions in ways they are pretty uncomfortable with for high-skilled play. For Duskblade of Draktharr, instead, the balance team thinks it is “currently fine-ish mostly because they keep it kind of weak”.

“When strong, it tends to break down counterplay on non-assassin champions like Darius and Master Yi for low-skilled play.” According to the stats site U.GG, Master Yi has outstanding positive win rates when the jungler builds the lethality item, with numbers above 60 percent.

While the developers haven’t announced how and when these changes are coming in, they wanted to let the community know that they are actively working on them and looking for improvements.

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