Riot outlines nerfs to Yuumi’s updated Prowling Projectile, Aurelion Sol’s ultimate ability for LoL Patch 13.6

The Space Dragon and the Curious Cat have been taken down a notch.

Ever since Riot Games dropped both Aurelion Sol’s comprehensive gameplay update and Yuumi’s ability changes, League of Legends players have had to deal with their powerful kits across solo queue games around the world. In Patch 13.6, however, developers are hitting the two with significant nerfs that should help curb their strength.

First, Yuumi’s Prowling Projectile will be getting a flat cooldown of 6.5 seconds, while the ability’s mana cost will be increasing at later levels, along with a reduction to its range and speed.

This will be a significant nerf that should affect not only her ability to poke out enemies in the early stages of a game but will be a good way to balance her effectiveness in the late game when trying to poke around an objective. Her ultimate ability is also getting its ‘Best Friend’ resists removed, making it a little less effective while also providing opposing players a chance to counter with a combo of their own.

Aurelion Sol, on the other hand, will be getting a cooldown increase for his Singularity, changing to a static 12 seconds, instead of decreasing to 10 seconds by level. For his ultimate ability, the stun duration and knock-up duration is getting decreased by 0.25 seconds, while its cast range is getting reduced by 150 units. Players will also need 25 more Stardust to change Falling Star to The Skies Descend.

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Lastly, Veigar will be receiving small health and attack range nerfs, while also getting a relatively larger nerf to his ultimate ability’s damage at early levels.

It shouldn’t be too disruptive to the caster mage’s current place in the League meta, but the previously named changes for Yuumi and Aurelion Sol should help shift them away from the dominant stronghold they have at the top of the leaderboards.

As always, changes are tentative until they hit live League servers.

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