Riot offers deep dive into League’s upcoming 2-vs-2 deathmatch mode

Welcome to Riot's latest project off of Summoner's Rift.

For many seasons, League of Legends fans have been clamoring for the next great game mode to hit the servers. The days of Nexus Blitz and Invasion are long gone, but now, fans have another reason to get excited with Riot Games’ upcoming game mode that will be played on a new map.

In a new developer post, Riot unveiled plenty of details surrounding the new mode, which will feature four teams of two in two-vs-two deathmatch-style rounds. Champions will increase in power as the game progresses through items bought, levels gained, and special Augments that are acquired between combat rounds.

Augments are power-ups that give players unique builds for every champion in the game, depending on whether a player wants to accentuate a champion’s current strengths or dive into something entirely different.

Sylas, for example, could get an Augment that automatically casts Lissandra’s W every five seconds, or Ekko could suddenly gain 500 attack range. The possibilities and combinations could get wild and wacky, and that’s exactly what the devs are looking for.

Image via Riot Games

A team gets eliminated after losing enough rounds, allowing them to queue up immediately for a new game. The concept was actually partially taken from Teamfight Tactics‘ Double Up mode, which gave players the chance to pair up with a friend for a completely new experience on the boards.

With this game mode, Riot wants to hit a specific set of goals that should help to create a much more satisfying experience. By quickly getting players into champion-vs-champion combat and minimizing time spent dead and caught in an unwinnable game, they can explore the boundaries of gameplay in ways that have never been approached before.

Summoners can expect to see this experimental game mode this summer since Riot wants to get new experiences out to the public as soon as possible.

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