Riot might be tracking your pings to monitor and ban toxic behavior in League

There's even more ways to punish toxicity now.

Its no secret Riot Games has various statistics on your gameplay, including your KDA score, kill participation, roam time, gold per minute, and other similar stats. But according to the latest information from a VTuber, Riot is going even a step further and is now tracking your ping usage.

On Jan. 1, VTuber Zianni posted a tweet claiming that Riot is now reportedly tracking the usage of pings. The source for this claim is the VTubers friend, who allegedly has access to the Riot API and can pull information such as match details.

The most likely reason why Riot has reportedly started to track your pings during your match is to monitor and ban players who are using the Bait ping. The Bait ping has been a controversial topic in League of Legends from the moment it hit the live servers with the release of the preseason on Nov. 16. 

Originally, Riot intended the Bait ping to be used by junglers and roaming champions to urge you to start fighting with the opposing laner. Unfortunately, the community has found a different, more toxic use for this ping. Nowadays, the Bait ping is primarily used as the rope ping, telling the players who are being spam pinged with this ping to kill themselves. 

By reportedly starting to monitor the ping usage, especially the Bait ping usage, it indicates Riot is looking to punish toxic players that are being abusive and are violating Riots Terms of Service. 

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