Riot Meddler breaks down how LoL Prime capsules will work going forward

Tweaks have been made to the LoL Prime Gaming capsules.

After almost three weeks of uncertainty, Riot dev Andrei “Meddler” van Roon revealed that League of Legends and Amazon Prime Gaming’s collaboration will continue, though it will be changed.

The dev announced the news on Twitter on March 7, where he shed some new light on the capsules. The capsules will begin releasing in March and will be fairly similar to last year, with a few major changes, however. Mythic Essence and champion shards will be removed and will be replaced by a mystery ward skin and a permanent champion in each capsule.

Most likely, this won’t be the final form of LoL Prime Gaming capsules. Meddler added that Riot Games and Amazon are working on continuing the partnership into the future, “but some changes might not be finalized until mid-year.” This means that when summer comes, the capsules might change once again, this time for the better. “We’ll likely have some more changes to the League capsules this year, but we’ll keep you posted.”

Meddler also revealed that from now on players in the SEA region will be able to connect their Amazon accounts to also receive Prime Gaming capsules, which is something they couldn’t do before.

And while the community is overall pleased that the partnership between Riot and Amazon is continuing, most players aren’t satisfied with the changes, especially the removal of Mythic Essence.

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“Please no one want the ward skin or permanent champ, bring back the mythic essence,” one wrote. Other fans asked the devs to at least increase gained Riot Points to 650 from 350, which would be a much better compensation instead of ward skin and a champion.

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