Riot makes sweeping fan-friendly improvements in the middle of VCT LOCK//IN

Hopefully setting a standard for events to come.

In response to fan feedback at the VCT LOCK//IN event, Riot has announced a series of sweeping changes to improve the fan experience at the first big VALORANT esports event of the 2023 season and the partnership era.

Following a request for feedback made by global head of VALORANT esports Leo Faria, a handful of changes were announced today. This included the release of “a bunch of comp tickets” that are now on sale, the removal of an event card to purchase concessions, the reduction of the lengthy half-time durations, and a “refined audio mix.”

Specifically, fans had noted that the in-arena music was too loud during tech pauses and interviews. Faria also noted that while the lengthy half-time segments were designed as “an opportunity for storytelling and engagement,” they were “not making good use of it at the moment.”

Not all fan complaints were able to be remedied, though. Several fans made comments about the lack of air conditioning, compounded by the high humidity in São Paulo, Brazil. However, Faria commented that there was no A/C solution for an arena of that size, but he has attempted to remedy the situation with an on-stage ventilation system and A/C in the backstage areas and practice rooms.

While not every decision made by Riot regarding competitive VALORANT has been perfect, the company and Faria specifically have been more than willing to publicly respond to feedback, most notably regarding the initial announcement of the LOCK//IN format.

Just looking at a handful of the replies to Faria’s tweet today, it appears that several fans are happy with and appreciate the quick response.

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