Riot is working on a huge pile of Azir changes and LoL players fear it’ll make him even worse

The champion's identity could be redefined soon.

Azir just received some changes in League of Legends Patch 13.4, but it looks like he might be receiving more major updates in the next patch tooand players aren’t fond of them.

The changes were spotted on Feb. 22 on PBE servers by game designer and Surrender@20 mod Spideraxe. It appears they have taken all of Azir’s abilities into the workshop beside his ultimate, and with 10 different tweaks, Azir is about to be transformed in the game. However, people who main him don’t like the proposed changes.

It’s tough to specifically label these changes as nerfs or buffs since half of the updated abilities would see one thing strengthened, while the other weakened. Azir’s passive would see a cooldown reduction and AP ratio increase, with his E also seeing a mana cost reduction. His Q, though, would see lower base damage, but a higher AP ratio and mana cost, making it effectively stronger in the late game, but weaker early.

The biggest changes would be arguably shipped to Azir’s W. The Emperor of the Sands would have a slightly higher AP converter and lower cost, but would no longer get additional attack speed from W’s passive, which can go up to 110 percent once the ability is on level five and Azir summons a third soldier. This is a major part of his kit, and it’s a change that is hated by the players.

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The users of the Azirmains subreddit, which is devoted to the players who love the champion, have been criticizing the changes for the past few hours. “No amount of ratio and growth can compensate for the lack of fucking 110% attack speed,” wrote one of them. “No more attack speed on W means you can kiss goodbye to being a DPS champ unless you build Nashors,” another user added.

All in all, many players underline that with these changes, Azir’s identity will be “completely redefined.”

Although they don’t have to go live, as not every PBE changes do. With League Patch 13.4 coming out today, these changes should be added in the next one, if the developers decide to add them despite criticism.

Azir already saw a few changes in Patch 13.4, which nerfed his early-game prowess but made him much better at scaling.

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