Riot is planning a new Neeko passive that will literally transform the League champion

"You fell for it!"

If you’re a League of Legends player who has been waiting for some news on Runeterra’s favorite Curious Chameleon, you’re in luck. Riot Games’ developers have unveiled a new passive they are working on for Neeko that will leave players fooled and frustrated on Summoner’s Rift.

In the latest developer video, Riot showed off a whole gamut of changes headed to the game in 2023, including a wild and wacky mid-scope update for Neeko. Game designer Ezra “Phlox” Lynn revealed that the devs were trying to create an expanded passive for the plucky shapeshifter so that she can turn into more than just another champion while in-game.

Should these changes go through, Neeko will be able to turn into multiple different assets, whether it’s a minion, a Teemo mushroom, or a jungle plant. In the sample video, for example, Neeko takes a quick second to copy the form of the blast cone before taking its place on the map. She also takes the form of a caster minion, and she can auto-attack enemies to maintain her cover.

It isn’t known if she can move while posing as an inanimate object on the Rift, like a Teemo mushroom or jungle plant. These changes, however, will provide Neeko with an incredible amount of versatility that is not present in her current form.

The possibilities are endless with this passive since she can join a minion wave without being seen and can ambush an unsuspecting enemy who thinks they are safe to farm. She can also turn into different neutral monsters on the map, allowing her to sneak behind enemy lines without arousing any suspicion.

Ultimately, Neeko has always been a trickster who wants to fool her enemies before hitting them with a Pop Blossom, and this possible update will make her an even harder match-up to face off against.

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