Riot is hiring a League creative director to focus on ‘storytelling, worldbuilding in Runeterra’

It looks like one hell of a job.

Riot Games is looking to expand its creative team around League of Legends and other titles that are inspired by the world of Runeterra.

Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, the head of League studio at Riot, posted a new job advertisement on his Twitter. The company is looking for a creative director for League of Legends, who will focus on “aesthetics, storytelling/worldbuilding within the broader Runeterra IP and brand/style,” according to Meddler.

Meddler detailed the responsibilities of the future creative director in a separate tweet. “Looking for someone with significant experience doing similar work, with significant exposure to the IP already a major bonus,” he said. He also underlined that the candidate would be working with teams responsible for “Arcane, Legends of Runeterra, upcoming new games and more.” He also said “game dev experience is needed for this particular role given its seniority.”

Looking at the job offer itself, the hired person would have numerous tasks to take care of. They include creating a long-time, cohesive, thematic strategy for the game, which would require direct communication with the executive producer and game director.

Riot is taking the offer responsibly and has a series of qualifications that must be met for a candidate to be considered. This includes at least 15 years of relevant experience and they must be a “key creative decision-maker on multiple games.”

This role shows that Riot is focused on polishing Runeterra’s lore and properly expanding its ever-growing world.

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