Riot is giving away Legends of Runeterra Coins leading up to Seasonal tournament

Get LoR Coin drops and experience the Runeterra community.

Riot Games is hyping up the A Curious Journey Seasonal tournament with a week’s worth of events, offering viewers Legends of Runeterra Coin drops for tuning in. 

A special Road to the Seasonal Americas Shard will start on May 12 and run to May 21, featuring A Curious Journey broadcast of the open rounds, along with special streams from LoR content creators Puffballpanda and Ja3ensational. The official Riot broadcast for the A Curious Journey playoffs will take place on May 21 and will be featured in a number of languages in three different regions around the globe. 

The Road to Seasonal Americas Shard event starts on May 12 with the fifth Americas LoR League week and ends with the official broadcast of the A Curious Journey playoffs on May 21. Coin drops will take place during four of the six total events. 

  • May 12: Americas LoR League (Coin drops) on Twitch
  • May 14: A Curious Journey open rounds via GiantSlayerLoR
  • May 17: Runeterra Party Games hosted by Puffballpanda (Coin drops) on Twitch
  • May 18: Jasensational Meme Review show (Coin drops) on Twitch
  • May 19: Americas LoR League (Coin drops) on Twitch
  • May 21: A Curious Journey playoffs official broadcast

Riot is also broadcasting a livestream on May 13, hosted by Casanova, featuring the start of Worldwalker spoilers. The new LoR expansion will include four unique champions, 65 cards, and new keywords. And Patch of Champions is slated to get a major update, upgrading the PvE experience to 2.0 status. 

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