Riot is combating toxic players with latest VALORANT update

A popular League of Legends feature is making its way to VALORANT in Patch 5.10.

A familiar feature from League of Legends is coming to VALORANT.

In Patch 5.10, which hits the live servers today, the devs are implementing an automatic mute feature that aims to combat slurs and other offensive language.

Those who send “disruptive text messages” will be automatically muted. The devs are also aiming to add “interventions for disruptive text” sooner rather than later so communication in VALORANT is improved as fast as possible. The goal of this feature is to reduce toxicity and help players feel safer engaging in VALORANT.

These changes will be implemented in the North American region first, with the devs looking to expand it onto other regions in the near future.

This system was launched in League of Legends a few weeks back. Players who send offensive messages in Riot’s MOBA, including slurs and insults, are detected by the system and muted during the game. The community has praised this feature, which is likely why the devs are adding it to VALORANT.

Besides the changes for battling toxicity in VALORANT, Patch 5.10 focuses on Harbor, Fade, and Cypher. Like every new update, it also fixes a list of bugs.

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