Riot is adding a new secret weapon to Zac’s arsenal in League of Legends

Zac was made for this.

Zac is a League of Legends tank jungler who always finds his way into the meta largely because he can easily punish enemy mistakes, especially mispositioning. Although Zac loves punishing mispositioned AD carries and their supports by jumping at them and using his Stretching Strikes to root them, Zac would find himself in a pickle when there was only one target. But Riot Games is looking to fix that now.

Originally, Zacs Stretching Strikes worked in a way where he needed to use the ability on one target and auto attack the other target to root them and pull them towards each other. The only problem Zacs Stretching Strikes has had is that he could never use non-champion features like Illaois tentacles or Gangplanks barrels to proc the second part of his ability.

Thankfully, Riot’s lead champion designer August Browning shared that with Patch 12.22, Zac will finally be able to win a duel when fighting with champions with these abilities.

This is a huge quality-of-life change for Zac that will definitely help him when hes the weakestin the early game.

Although August didnt share any additional features this change will apply to, it will probably include any auto-attackable spawned creatures or items on the map like Malzahars minions, Zyras plants, and Shacos boxes.

Patch 12.22 is expected to hit Summoner’s Rift on Nov, 16, according to Riot’s official patch schedule.

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