Riot introduces 5 new additions to League’s beloved Astronaut skin line

Blast off.

Five new additions are coming to one of League of Legends’ most beloved skin lines with a new batch of Astronaut skins set to be added to the game in an upcoming patch. Astronaut skins for Fizz, Ivern, Kennen, Xerath, and Singed were revealed by Riot Games earlier today. 

The new batch of Astronaut skins includes the familiar blue and green color scheme that League players have come to familiarize with the skin line. Each of the champions included in the new release are donning their best spacefaring gear, with each of their abilities and animations being thematically centered around space travel. 

Each of the skins includes retro-futuristic visuals and otherworldly sound effects, with thematic elements including lasers, asteroids, and UFOs present in nearly every new Astronaut skin. A common constant that can be found in each of the new skins in one form or another is the tiny green meeps that were originally introduced with the Astronaut Bard skin. Those little green dudes have become so popular on their own that theyve become a staple of the skin line even outside of their original skin.

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Many of the new skins, like Ivern and Singed, embrace the concept of gravity in their new Astronaut skins, particularly in their recall animations. Almost every skin has an animation of some kind where the champion shown is floating through space. 

Its unclear at this time when the newly announced Astronaut skins will make their way onto the live League servers. But a solid prediction would be alongside the release of Patch 13.4, if historical skin release timelines are any indicator. That patch releases on Feb. 23, so any time after that date could be within the estimated range for these five skins. 

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