Riot hopes to bring its music to live events outside of esports

Imagine listening to Riot’s music, but in an arena.

The Riot Games music department has been expanding its repertoire for the past 13 years, and it might be time to bring its massive catalog to live events. 

It feels like there is a very big opportunity to bring our music to life for players in ways that aren’t necessarily tied to esports events in the future, said Bob DeBelina, artist and creative partnerships manager at Riot Games Music.

He then listed a few of the creative productions Riot worked on in the past few years that might be eligible for a live event, including DJ Sona, Pentakill, Seraphine, and, of course, K/DA.

Starting with the release of League of Legends’ champions themes, Riots music team took huge leaps yearly. In 2013, Riot released the first music video linked to a specific champion, Jinx, which claimed huge success in and out the game. Only one year later, Riot staged the first opening ceremony of a World Championship in collaboration with Imagine Dragons and featuring a live performance of the first Worlds anthem, still loved by League fans years later. As time passes, the music pieces continue to evolve.

There are free downloadable music albums, virtual bands, champions and events themes, esports anthems, animated series soundtracks, and so much more. Riot Music’s repertoire can satisfy everyones taste, whether it’s pop, classic, or hard rock music. And hopefully, one day, League fans across the globe can experience them all live.

League has been constantly evolving since it was released in 2009. The music team aims to continue this growth right alongside the game, DeBelina said. We now have a catalog of around 10 years of music. We’re always looking for ways to continue to evolve and develop new music while also celebrating and elevating players’ favorite songs from the past decade.

While Riot has not announced any news regarding a possible live concert featuring its music, many League fans would likely be thrilled to hear songs that, for more than a decade, theyve only been able to hear from their homes.

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