Riot hits Jax, Samira, Maokai, Elise, and more with nerf hammer in League Patch 13.4

Nine champions will be getting hit with nerfs later this month.

Throughout the last League of Legends patch, there have been a handful of champions that have quickly risen in priority, from the solo queue scene up to pro play.

If you’re a bot laner who has been dominating with Samira or a competitive top laner who has crushed opponents with Jax, there will be a whole collection of nerfs Riot Games will be applying in Patch 13.4 you might not be happy to see.

Up to nine champions will be getting hit with nerfs next patch, including Jax, Samira, Maokai, Elise, Amumu, Udyr, Jarvan, Anivia, and Azir. The biggest changes, however, will be headed for Samira and Jax, who have been priority picks across multiple levels of play throughout the past month, both on-stage and in regular ladder play.

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Samira has been one of the most successful champions over the last few League patch cycles, especially when paired with a tank support with a ton of crowd control. Rell has been a popular choice to combo with the Desert Rose since she can lockdown entire teams while Samira pops off with her ultimate ability, Inferno Trigger.

She currently has a 51.54 percent win rate with just over 98 thousand games played from Platinum ranks and above, according to U.GG. To change that, Riot is hitting Samira with sweeping changes that are targeted at her passive movement speed and her ultimate’s lifesteal, the latter of which will be dropping from 66.7 percent to 50 percent.

Image via Riot Games

Jax, on the other hand, is getting a whole library’s worth of nerfs, including reductions to his overall health points, his Counter Strike’s AP ratio, his ultimate’s early level on-hit damage, and the amount of armor and magic resist he gets from the first champion hit with the ability. His Counter Strike will also increase its total damage instead of its base damage per dodge, and its maximum damage is also getting some shifts in power.

The Grandmaster at Arms has been a quick pick for multiple pro team compositions since he is a great duelist who can take over specific top lane matchups, while still providing a ton of map pressure thanks to his side lane push potential. He can also surprise opponents by jumping into the fray, and stunning a group with two quick button pushes.

He has the fourth-highest pick-ban rate in the LPL and the third-highest in the LEC, according to pro League stats aggregate Oracle’s Elixir.

League Patch 13.4 is scheduled to release on Thursday, Feb. 23.

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