Riot hands out 8-year suspension to VALORANT Game Changers player, disciplines 3 others in wave of punishments

Riot puts the ban hammer down.

The developer of VALORANT has suspended four Game Changers players for a variety of offenses, Riot Games announced today. 

In two separate statements, Riot said that former EQ Cerise player Alex Dsylexic Luong has been handed a suspension from competing in Riot-sanctioned events for cheating in a match against CLG Red that took place in October. Dsylexics gender eligibility violated the entry requirements, too. As a result, Dsylexic has been banned from competing in Riot-sanctioned events for eight years. 

Former teammate Jennifer nabiichu Choe, who played with Dsylexic during the match, has been banned for five years for misleading officials about the gender eligibility of Dsylexic and was guilty by association. 

Dsylexic, who identifies as he/him, reached out to nabiichu, then a member of EQ Cerise, and offered to mislead officials by changing his gender identity to one of a nonbinary player in order to play against CLG Red,” Riot said in a statement. “Nabiichu agreed and assisted Dsylexic by supporting his gender identity as nonbinary to EQ Cerise and to Tournament Officials.”

Two other players have been given suspensions, too. 

Game Changers players Caroline carosmacks Peterson and Megan LemonOreo Lai have been banned from competing in Riot-sanctioned events for one year after the pair sent a discriminatory meme in a Discord channel that held around 70 people. 

The discriminatory meme, which was sent in October last year, was racist in nature and the investigation was aided by an anonymous reporter, Riot said in a statement

Riot Games does not condone any discriminatory acts or behaviors, including those that revolve around race, sex, age, or any other personal characteristic,” Riot said. “Riot investigators did not find any aggravating nor mitigating factors during the course of [the] investigation.”

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