Riot gives a warm welcome to LoL’s latest male enchanter, Milio

Mi furnasita es tu furnasita.

After sharing Milios story just a few days ago, Riot Games has now fully unveiled the 163rd champion for League of Legends. The Gentle Flame is on his way to the Rift and accompanying Milio on this journey to restore his family’s honor will be his loyal friends, the fuemigos. 

The male enchanter was initially teased in 2022, with Riot releasing just an image of his fuemigos. The aim was to expand the pool of male enchanters and further increase the representation of the League community through the game’s champions. Additionally, Milios release will help Riot expand the lore and stories around a relatively closeted region, Ixtal

The Gentle Flame is the first champion from the Perilous Eastern Jungles region since Qiyanas release in 2019. His story and journey have been shared along with some interesting new lore of the region, including the unveiling of Milios grandaunt Luné, who appears to be imprisoned in Ixaocan.

The reasoning behind her imprisonment also explains the banishment of Milios entire family, and therefore the cause of the Gentle Flames journey. Years before Milios birth, Luné was caught plotting against the Yun Tal, the ruling Ixaocan caste of Ixtal, made of only the most gifted and wise elementalists. When Luné’s twin sister and Milios grandmother, Lupé, noticed Milios fire-healing abilities, she encouraged him to journey across the region to restore the family’s honor. 

At just 12 years old, Milio embarked on a journey and while traveling across Ixtal, he became a legend known as the boy with the soothing flames. To ease his homesickness, Milio imbues each of the fuemigos he creates with aspects of his family members’ personalities while also sending home letters of his journey. 

His gentle nature also comes through in his skills, always ready to heal his allies and ward off possible enemies thanks to his fuemigos. Healing allies on touch, knocking back enemies, empowering his lane companion, and even removing crown control effects from all allies in his range, Milio is truly ready to fire up all League players with his kit. 

The anthropomorphic fireballs and their master will join League players in Patch 13.6, which is scheduled to be released on March 22.

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