Riot Games teases possible MSI 2022 anthem ‘Set It Off’ by Korean artists DPR LIVE and DPR CLINE

They actually Set it Off like this.

Fans can hear a small preview of what could be this years anthem for the upcoming League of Legends Mid-Seasonal Invitational in a teaser released today

Under an official YouTube video titled Take Notes, fans can read the title and artists of what is likely the theme for MSI 2022. The song, called Set It Off, is performed by Korean artists DPR LIVE and DPR CLINE, according to the video description, which would make this the first MSI anthem sung not exclusively in English. 

In the hype video showcasing the 11 teams participating in MSI 2022, Riot Games created a montage with the best plays from around the world accompanied by snippets of the new song. From what was teased, “Set It Off” seems to explore more modern tones and sounds than usual, adding some sharp electronic sounds to the deep bass in the background. 

Screengrab via Riot Games

According to the description on the page, League fans can expect to receive the full song and lyric video on May 2. The song will accompany the teams and players throughout the tournament, along with their own anthems hand-picked by the fans

The tournament begins on May 10, but almost all teams have already landed in Korea and seem ready to Set It Off. The attention of the whole League community will be on the eleven participants, with all the talented players gathered this year one cant help but to watch and Take Notes.

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