Riot Forge’s new game The Mageseeker turns League of Legends universe into action RPG

No more cages!

Have you dreamed of starting a revolution, but you couldnt find the men to join your ranks? Or were you busy dreaming of stepping foot into Demacia? Well, with Riot Forges upcoming game The Mageseeker, you can do both.

The Mageseeker is an upcoming Riot Forge game that puts you in Sylas shoes as you raise a rogue army of mages that after years of repression and abuse in Demacia seek vengeance and justice. Looking to shatter the deceptive piece built upon the backs of enslaved mages, Sylas and his army unite and lead a revolution against a so-called perfect place in Runeterra.

Developed by the company behind Moonlighter, Digital Sun looks to deliver a full-blown action-packed fantasy in a gritty indie 2D hi-bit pixel action RPG set to release in Spring 2023. The game will be available on PC and various consoles.

The game is named after the Demacian order which was tasked with discovering and containing magic across Runeterra. What makes this title even more iconic is the main character of the story, Sylas, once was a member of the Mageseeker society and he himself used to hunt down mages using his magical abilities. But as the Mageseekers moved away from the philosophy of using mages for what they called the greater good, Sylas was imprisoned only to later escape with Luxs help.

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Earlier this year, the game was leaked by South Koreas Game Ratings Committee. At that time, no one even dared to dream this game would actually come to life.

Riot Forge also detailed its other two projects today. Convergence and Song of Nunu will be available in Summer 2023 and Fall 2023, respectively. Both games will be available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC (via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store).

While Convergence will be a single-player 2D action platformer featuring time control from Double Stallion Games, Song of Nunu will center around beloved League of Legends characters Nunu and Willump in a single-player adventure.

If this has piqued your interest, you can read more about The Mageseeker and other Riot Forge games here.

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