Riot finally provides dates for LoL’s first Clash season of 2023

Get your squad together.

After patiently waiting for two months, League of Legends players are finally getting their hands on some competitive team action on the Summoner’s Rift, all from the comfort of their own homes with the return of Clash.

Many fans of the popular tournament-based game mode clamored for its return ever since the start of the new year, but unfortunately, there were some major complications with the game mode’s release, thanks to the massive cyberattack that the company suffered back in January. While the developers scrambled to fix any damage to their systems, Riot pushed the 2023 debut of Clash to a later date.

Luckily for League enthusiasts, the damage has been dealt with and Riot’s release calendar can finally return to normal. Clash, meanwhile, will resume with its full schedule starting on Monday, March 6, which is when teammates can start to lock in their rosters for the mode.

The full schedule for the rest of the year is as follows:

Lock In BeginsTournament dates
Bilgewater CupWeek OneMonday, March 6March 11-12
Week TwoMonday, March 20March 25-26
Mt. Targon CupWeek OneMonday, April 3April 8-9
Week TwoMonday, April 17April 22-23
TBAWeek OneMonday, May 1May 6-7
Week TwoMonday, May 8May 13-14
Bandle City CupWeek OneMonday, May 29June 3-4
Week TwoMonday, June 12June 17-18

Because the ranked season has been split into two cycles, Clash releases will also coincide with this schedule. As a result, the start of the second half of the ranked climb will also mark the start of Clash’s second split.

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