Riot finally locks LoL release date for Rell rework after months of delays

She's making her way to the Rift soon.

Rell’s long-awaited rework is coming to the League of Legends PBE servers next week, according to Riot Games design manager Stephen Auker on May 12. The champion update is expected to officially release alongside Patch 13.11.

The Rioter said the rework will significantly change how players play Rell without making her feel like a whole new champion. “She should still play and feel like old Rell, but with more options available to her,” he said.

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Rell’s changes aim to maximize her potential and make her more versatile. In a March blog post, Riot revealed her E would be overhauled.

It will make her “dismounted form feel more empowering” while her Passive, W ability, and ultimate will receive minor changes. Overall, these changes should allow her to be played more frequently in roles outside of support, according to Riot.

“We still think there’s high value here, but we need to prove we can do it without hurting support Rell,” Auker said.

Although Rell’s rework is expected to be introduced to the live servers soon, there’s a good chance she’ll be delayed if tests on the PBE reveal she needs more work. This exact scenario happened with Ivern’s midscope update, whose release date has now been pushed back by at least two weeks.

League Patch 13.11 is expected to hit the live servers on June 1, according to Riot’s schedule.

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