Riot finally letting League players hide their names in ranked lobbies—but not everyone is happy

We all hope it will be toggleable.

Preseason is coming on Nov. 16, and with it, well once again see our favorite game change colors, leaving us lost unless we adapt and survive. One of the latest changes that has been teased for weeks now allows League of Legends players to hide their names in ranked lobbies.

The feature to hide your name went live on PBE on Nov. 3. Currently, it is only available for normal games, and not for solo queue. Once its fully ready and loaded for use, it will only be usable within the proving grounds of solo queue.

Riot Games is introducing this feature to reduce stream sniping, repeated dodging in high elo and long queue times, and cut down on toxicity and bullying. Although the idea behind this new feature is more than noble, removing names from the lobby will definitely leave a mark on the gameplay itself. 

Originally, the League community loved having the option of checking out their teammates, especially AD carries and supports, to see what champion they might pick and adjust their own picks on the spot. On top of that, this will have a negative impact on unconventional OTPs that like to play builds like on-hit Neeko since their teammates wont be able to check out their match history.

Since this is primarily change directed towards high elo and their extensive int lists, the feature should definitely be toggleable so that low elo players can communicate their ideas and weird picks amongst each other easily.

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