Riot finally fixes the bug that cost G2 a game at Worlds 2022

At least the devs fixed it.

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League of Legends is no stranger to bugs. In fact, the game is so infested with bugs that Riot Games fixes them on a patch-by-patch basis. With the latest patch, Patch 12.21, Riot finally fixed a bug that cost G2 Esports a game at Worlds 2022.

The infamous bug involves the top lane bully Darius and his ultimate Noxian Guillotine that executes enemies based on Hemorrhage stacks. During G2s match against JD Gaming in the group stage, Sergen BrokenBlade Çelik played Darius. Once a teamfight broke out, Broken Blade, used his Noxian Guillotine to execute Zeng Yagao Qi on Taliyah. Despite Darius being mid-animation when Taliyah died, his ultimate still went on cooldown and didnt properly reset. This, expectedly, resulted in a lost teamfight and game. 

With Patch 12.21, Riot finally addressed this Darius bug that cost G2 a game at Worlds 2022. The bugfix reads: Fixed a bug where Darius R would sometimes not reset its cooldown if a target died a moment before taking damage.

According to the Darius mains community, the bug has been in the game for years. Since the bug has been in the game for so long, this led many to believe it was an intended feature. After this bug fix, which is really a quality-of-life change for all Darius players, we might even see Darius win rate increase.

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