Riot finally confirms which champions are getting DRX’s LoL Worlds 2022 skins

Get your hands on a piece of history.

The reigning League of Legends world champions hailing from the LCK are finally ready to be commemorated forever with in-game skins of their own.

The skins commemorating the historic run of DRX at the 2022 World Championship from the play-in stage to winning it all will soon make their way into League. The champions receiving the skins are Aatrox, Kindred, Maokai, Akali, Ashe, and Caitlyn, Riot Games confirmed today. The skins are expected to be available for testing on the PBE in the coming days, with an official release likely coming with Patch 13.11 on June 1.

As with all previous iterations of the world champion skin lines, each of the champions chosen to receive a commemorative skin was played at least once by the players of DRXand were all the top picks of each player, which they mentioned only a few weeks after the conclusion of Worlds.

The Aatrox skin highlights Kingen, Kindred brings out the passion of Pyosik, Maokai serves as the skin for the teams substitute Juhan, Akali allowed Zeka to slash through the competition, Caitlyn helped to finish Defts story of a nearly-decade long climb toward the trophy, and the much-loved support Ashe was piloted efficiently by BeryL. 

Each of these skins is covered in shades of blue and white to acknowledge both DRXs logo and jerseys. Additionally, the players worked alongside the designers on these skins, thus their influence can be seen in the appearance of these skins and in their recall animations as wellcomplete with their signatures. The DRX logo and the Summoner’s Cup also appear at various points during the champions’ animations.

Riot noted last year that these DRX skins would be the first world champions skin line to include a Prestige version, anticipated to be earnable through either an in-game event or purchase in the Mythic shop. The recipient of this special version is the finals MVP Kingen, showing Aatrox complete with diamond-esque features that make it stand out against other Prestige skins that normally opt for gold assets.

The six League skins commemorating DRX, the reigning world champions, are expected to be released on the games PBE for a short testing period, then heading to the live server for purchase with Patch 13.11.

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