Riot explains why these 2 LoL champ classes aren’t receiving major changes in midseason update

It's not their time yet.

Big changes are coming to League of Legends with upcoming Patch 13.10, coming May 17. Riot recently announced its plans to shake the meta up by tweaking and reworking many Mythic items, putting particular attention to the AD carries itemization, coupled with lethality and support item changes.

Despite Riot mentioning its intent to work on the fighter and mage classes a few months ago, there are only going to be some minor tweaks for this midseason update.

Riot’s game designer Tim ‘Truexy’ Jiang explained why the company has decided to push back the bigger updates for these classes of champions: “Fighters and mages didn’t get full updates in Midseason primarily since there are larger core issues with the current items/systems that aren’t solved with a few new items/mythic swaps,” he said.

Riot’s goal is to have items that can push each champion’s “diverse fantasy”. According to Truexy, this process is easier to pull off with enchanters and marksmen since they have similar outputs within the same class. For fighters and mages, on the other hand, it’s much harder to do due to the existing diversity between all the champions.

Mage items aren’t getting touched with the new update, but they are only getting an indirect buff with the tank item adjustments. Force of Nature had some of its power taken away because it was considered too effective against burst mages and magic damage champions in general. It will be important to see whether these small but important changes will be enough to push mages back into the meta.

That said, there are no planned changes for their itemization currently. Based on a previous discussion by Truexy, Riot is trying to find ways to bring mages into a better position.

The upcoming minor tweaks to the fighter items, instead, were specifically made to drain some power from Divine Sunderer since it was deemed too powerful upon completion. It warped how power spikes worked in the top lane, thus the decision to give a part of its power to other core Legendary items.

That said, there won’t be changes to the fighter itemization, aside from a few stats changes. Truexy mentioned that considering the number of changes on the PBE at the moment, there will be continuous tweaks throughout the week.

The big midseason update will be hitting the live servers with Patch 13.10 on Wednesday, May 17, according to the official patch schedule.

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