Riot expects major leak of League, TFT experimental features following cyber attack

The game modes may not be released, anyways.

One of the largest gaming companies in the world has been hacked, and unreleased game features could become public as a result. 

Riot Games posted an update today regarding the social engineering attack that compromised the source code of several of its flagship titles. The source code, which acts as the foundation for for League of Legends, TFT, and an anti-cheat was hacked.

Riot said that it is confident that player data and personal information were not obtained as a result of the intrusion, but it is not so confident about game features.

While Riot did not specify which titles were affected regarding the different game modes, Riot said that any features released to the public via the attack may not be released. 

The illegally obtained source code also includes a number of experimental features. While we hope some of these game modes and other changes eventually make it out to players, most of this content is in prototype and theres no guarantee it will ever be released, Riot said in a statement today. 

While the League community has been anticipating new game modes to hit the Rift, players may have to wait longer as a result of the illegal intrusion. 

Hopefully, the intrusion will not disrupt the rollout of the upcoming two-vs-two-vs-two-vs-two deathmatch game mode, which is set to release later this year in League

Riot did not include its first-person shooter title VALORANT when discussing the attack. 

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