Riot expands Oni skin collection with second VALORANT bundle

The dark spirits have been waiting, and so have VALORANT fans.

Riot Games is expanding yet another wildly popular VALORANT skin collection today, announcing that a second bundle of items in the Oni skin line will launch at the start of Episode Six, Act Three on March 7.

The second Oni bundle will be available to purchase in its entirety for 7,100 VALORANT Points (VP). Players will also have the option to purchase certain individual items from the bundle, though buying the entire thing at once is considered the “best value.”

The new bundle will feature new Oni skins for the Vandal, Bulldogs, Ares, and Frenzy, plus a katana melee skin officially known as the Onimaru Kunitsuna. Players who purchase the entire bundle will also get an Oni-themed player card, spray, and gun buddy.

As expected, the weapons in the second Oni bundle will feature upgrades that can be purchased with Radianite. For the non-melee weapons, players start with the custom gun model at level one, before upgrading them to custom firing audio and muzzle flash at level two, custom VFX and audio effects at level three, and a finisher and kill banner at level four. Players can also unlock three different color variants for each weapon: gold/black, pink/mint, and blue/white.

As for the Onimaru Kunitsuna melee weapon, players can upgrade it to level two and get custom animation, VFX, and audio effects. The developers note that the katana is “brand new” and does not share any elements from the katana in the RGX skin line.

The second Oni skin bundle has been in the works for almost two years, according to lead cosmetics producer Preeti Khanolkar, with the primary focus being the release of a highly asked-for Oni Vandal. In contrast to the original Oni bundle, the second wave of skins features custom firing audio that lets you hear the “ghostly corrupting echoes.”

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