Riot didn’t try to negotiate with Dash at all before cutting his role

The former desk host shed some extra details.

The League of Legends esports community was shocked by yesterday’s revelation of James “Dash” Patterson leaving the LCS broadcast this year. Following the news, the desk host shared some details behind the decision.

On Dash’s stream, which began shortly after the news was released, he admitted that it wasn’t his decision, but Riot Games, which came to the conclusion that they don’t need a desk host in 2023. He also revealed that the team behind the LCS didn’t even speak to him or negotiate before the cut, but simply told him he will no longer be needed in 2023.

“The saddening part in all of it is that I wasn’t spoken to prior to the news,” Dash said. “After spending a decade, you know, giving a 100 percent of myself to something, that I didn’t feel that kind of respect given back towards me in that moment of just having a conversation about ‘hey, we want to make changes, and can we arrive at a decision, that, you know, with you,'” he added.

During the stream, Dash also shed some light on why the LCS won’t be needing a desk host anymore, and it’s due to the new format and shifting gameday from weekends to Thursday and Friday at midday. Dash’s team is still negotiating with Riot for him to appear during key moments of the season, though nothing is a given at this point.

The renowned desk host and analyst also added that he is looking for options in acting, streaming, and other esports. He will shift towards other esports only “if esports will have me,” though.

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