Riot devs working on more Chemtech Soul changes ahead of League Patch 13.2

It's something.

The latest changes coming to League of Legends with Patch 13.1 still havent hit the live servers, let alone settled in, but we might already be looking at tentative changes coming to the game with the patch that will introduce adjustments to Chemtech Drake and Soul.

According to datamined content coming from Leagues subreddit, Riot Games might be looking into buffing Chemtech Drakes and Soul. Each defeated Chemtech Drake could now give six percent Tenacity and healing and shielding power. Originally, it was only five percent for both Tenacity and healing and shielding power.

On top of that, Chemtech Soul is getting balancing tweaks with low-health damage reduction and amplification getting increased from 10 percent to 11 percent. 

Bear in mind all these Chemtech Drake and Soul changes come from a post on Leagues subreddit, so all of these changes are not set in stone and are far from being confirmed by Riot.

Its also worth mentioning that these tweaks are relatively small and wont have a tremendous impact on the meta. Still, Riot is closely monitoring elemental drakes, especially Chemtech Drake that returned with Preseason 2023, and we might see even more changes further down the road. 

Aside from balancing Chemtech Drakes and Soul, Patch 13.2 could be focused on fixing a number of bugs like the bug with Azirs Emperor’s Divide that leads to the spell dealing no damage if the caster dies during a cast animation. The full list of datamined changes can be found here.

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