Riot devs show off Neeko mid-scope abilities in new teaser video

She looks like a lot of fun.

Riot Games yesterday revealed a number of changes coming to Neeko in League of Legends this year, and one of the developers showcased them on Twitter.

Riot’s TheTruexy, one of the game developers for League, posted a short video of Neeko’s updated abilities. In the video, we can see some changes to her passive, which are the main goal in her mid-scope update.

The developers shed some light on Neeko’s upcoming changes in yesterday’s “LoL Pls” video and now, thanks to TheTruexy, we can see them in action.

In the clip, the Curious Cameleon can change herself to non-champion elements of the Rift, like the Scuttle Crab or a ward. When she transformed herself to the former, the player was able to move as they wanted, hinting that if Neeko changes to another creature, she can still move on the Rift freely.

When she was a ward, she didn’t move at all. But her goal clearly was to set up an ambush for the enemy Wukong, which worked perfectly. At this point in time it’s tough to tell whether she can move when transformed into an immovable object like wards or not.

Her ultimate also created a bunch of Neeko clones when used, however, as TheTruexy underlined, this is mostly thanks to a bug. “Ignore random stuff going on with the ult (that’s not a sneak peak it was kinda bugged),” he explained. Neeko’s other abilities used in the video seem unchanged.

It’s hard to tell if the passive change is the only one coming for Neeko in the upcoming mid-scope update. Usually, these tweaks include at least a few abilities, so it might be possible that her ultimate is also receiving an update, which details remain unknown for now.

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