Riot devs make one big change to Zyra ahead of League Patch 12.16

The community have had mixed reactions to the upcoming change.

The League of Legends developers finally have finally addressed Zyra’s clunkiness in Patch 12.16but some players are not fully satisfied with the upcoming change.

In the preview for the next patch, Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, the lead game designer, teased that Zyra will have a 0.15 seconds “postcast” lockout on her Grasping Roots (E) instead of 0.15 to 0.4 seconds. Essentially, this means players will be able to move much faster after casting the ability, which is pivotal to Zyra’s gameplay.

In a comparison video for Zyra’s Legendary skin below, players can clearly see how much faster the champion will be able to move after casting her E, which in turn will lower the chance of her getting hit with a skillshot or crowd control tool while casting.

But the community’s reaction to this change is mixed. Some Zyra players are happy with the change and look forward to testing it out on the live servers. “Sometimes you feel clunky when you go to root,” mbr4life1 said on League’s subreddit. “Excited to see the change.”

Others, though, don’t think the change will be nearly enough for Zyra to return to the meta. While a long postcast on her E has been an issue for some time, she still has other concerns, like her plants’ low health, which makes them practically useless in the late game. Zyra player Sp00ky_Senpai has asked for “more consistency” and said the champion can’t be played if she’s facing the “wrong champs.”

Despite the upcoming change, Zyra has a positive win rate in solo queue. In Patch 12.15, she has a 51.61 percent win rate in the support position, according to League stats site U.GG. This makes her the seventh-best champion in the role.

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