Riot details on complex update of “bottom of thematic enjoyment” League champion

Uplifting news.

Being straightforward and openly discussing content update plans hasnt been Riot Games virtue in recent times. In fact, League of Legends players have been scraping the bottom of a barrel (read: Twitter and Reddit) to learn more about the developers’ design philosophies and the upcoming content updates.

Riot plans to update a handful of champions in 2023, and heres what they recently revealed about a complex update of one on the bottom of thematic enjoyment coming this year.

When the League community once again started pondering on Skarners update, Riot Lexical opened up on the team’s inner workings and revealed why the arthropods VGU update has been pushed back: Unfortunately, when the polls ended last year was during a time when we were very short on several disciplines (new designers onboarding, animation team was rebuilding, audio and narrative was stretched thin).”

On a more important note, Lexical emphasizes Skarner is a rather complex champion that has bottom of thematic enjoyment, allowing Riot to experiment more and push the VGU updates to the next level. 

He is the bottom of thematic enjoyment out of all champions, thus it is time to do something completely different so we can uplift Skarner to the arthropod that someone can love. We have seen many ideas, kits and narrative proposals and we believe we have landed on one that is exciting! It will still take some time for us to flesh out the newest direction and take Skarner to completion, the product manager explained. 

But, do not fret, as Riots narrative lead is now onboarded and ready to take on the challenge thats Skarner VGU update.

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