Riot details buffs coming to some of LoL’s weakest champs in Patch 13.7

This could be enough to elevate their win rates.

Riot Games shared some additional details about champion buffs coming to League of Legends in Patch 13.7. The devs are bringing minor buffs to champs that leave much to be desired in the meta.

The buffs are mostly minor but target champs with win rates below 49 percent in all ranks (except for Alistar), according to U.GG. This could be enough to bolster their position in solo queue.

Besides Azir, whose changes were detailed on March 28, Katarina and Yasuo are about to receive the biggest buffs in Patch 13.7. The former will get an increased AP ratio on her passive and a much better AD ratio converter on her ultimate. The latter, meanwhile, will get a stronger shield from his passive and higher damage from his stacks on Sweeping Blade (E).

Kha’Zix will also be buffed quite heavily in the patch, with his isolation range being lowered and his ultimate duration being increased by two seconds. As underlined by Phroxzon, “a smaller Q isolation range means it’s easier to isolate people.”

Kalista, Graves, and Alistar are also receiving changes in Patch 13.7. The devs are boosting them with minor basic stat buffs. As well as that, the cooldown of Graves’ ultimate is being decreased, and Kalista’s Oathsworn Bond Ceremony is being reduced by four seconds.

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This time around it appears the devs are mainly focusing on nerfing the most powerful champions rather than buffing the weakest links in the roster. Seeing as the Mid-Season Invitational is expected to be played on Patch 13.8, it’s no surprise Riot wants to balance the meta as much as possible before the tournament kicks off.

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