Riot details adjustments to systems, Janna, and 3 other champs in League Patch 12.14

A ton of changes are coming in the next patch.

Riot Games has said that it plans to stabilize the League of Legends meta for the rest of the season, and it will begin the process with small adjustments in Patch 12.14.

Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, the lead designer for League, shared a detailed list of all of the balance changes coming to Patch 12.14. Five champions will be receiving minor adjustments and some systems will be getting tweaked as well.

The lion’s share of the adjustments comes in the form of base stat changes in Patch 12.14. Wukong, Aatrox, and red Kayn will all be getting their HP regeneration updated, with the latter of the two champs also receiving some minor nerfs to healing from their abilities. Janna will also be receiving nerfs to her bonus healing and shielding from her E, but to compensate, she will be getting some buffs to her ultimate.

Many more changes will be made regarding systems in the next patch. A series of items, including health potions, Summoner’s Spells like Teleport, and a selection of runes will be getting updated. But, most importantly, Riot plans to change buffs for every dragon (except Elder Dragon) and Rift Herald. The blessings from drakes will be getting stronger overall. The second Herald, for example, will have 76 percent more health in the next patch. Dragons will deal less damage, though.

Phroxzon underlined in a post on social media that this will “be the last set of major changes sans World’s balance and we’ll be otherwise stabilizing.”

Patch 12.14 is expected to hit the Rift on Wednesday, July 27.

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