Riot delays League feature to next year as devs add finishing touches to new system

It could be worse.

The League of Legends preseason changes just went live on Nov. 16. Although Patch 12.21 has made substantial changes to the game by introducing new items and jungle companions, tweaking gold and experience gains for both laners and junglers, and revamping the communication wheel, Riot Games still failed to ship all the planned changes.

According to game designer and Surrender@20 mod Spideraxe, ward previews are delayed until next year since the devs still need to polish this feature. Ward previews are a new feature that will show you the exact position where the ward will be placed when you try placing them.

When asked if this means that the feature will be shipped in the first quarter of 2023 or at the end of the next season, Spideraxe replied: I believe early next year, shouldn’t be too far out.

In this tweet, weve also learned that the loudout changes are getting pushed. Unlike ward previews, loadout will come in Patch 12.23, which is scheduled to hit the live servers on Dec. 7.

Loadout changes include optional recommended rune pages and Summoner spells during champion select. In other words, once you lock your champion, youll see a recommended runes button that you can click on and import preset runes. The recommendations will be, similar to jungle pathing, updated every patch.

Since these are simply quality-of-life changes that will only help you find your way around Summoners Rift more easily, they wont be missed badly. Still, they will come in handy once they go live.

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