Riot corrects fans who believe League tower damage is being ‘reverted’ with Patch 12.11

Players are glossing over key points of the patch notes.

League of Legends fans are already dreading the release of Patch 12.11, which will be addressing numerous areas affected by the major durability changes in the previous patch. While the patch aims to further balance the game to a healthy state, many players are worried that their favorite champions and features will be gutted or reverted completely.

Riot GalaxySmash responded to a thread on Reddit claiming the increased tower damage introduced in Patch 12.10 was being reverted. He pointed out this is incorrect, as only outer towers will have their damage decreased. All inner towers will remain unchanged, he says.

All other towers are unchanged from their durability update buffs, GalaxySmash explained. This towers are getting reverted narrative is strictly false.

This misinterpretation of tower changes comes as Patch 12.11s release nears, where many aspects of the game that were targeted heavily with durability changes are being tuned. Players are already complaining Riot will be reverting all of the changes they made, whereas many Rioters have stepped forward to say that is not the case. Riot Phroxzon, lead designer on game balance in League, stated on the same Reddit post were specifically trying not to do this.

Patch 12.11set to release on June 8tackles items, systems, and champions that were either enjoying the changes too much, or were hit hard and have struggled. Increased turret damage was just one of the many implementations with Patch 12.10 and, as Riot GalaxySmash explained, will remain in its current state, bar very slight nerfs.

Dot Esports will share the full 12.11 patch notes once they’re released.

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