Riot confirms start times and dates for League of Legends ranked season 13

We had the start dates, but now the times are confirmed as well.

It is that time of the year again: the time to welcome a new League of Legends ranked season. The more competitive players cant wait to start climbing the ranks of season 13, which comes with yet another jungle rework, new pings, the return of the Chemtech Drake, and the usual tweaks to items. And now, Riot Games has finally confirmed the actual time it begins.

This year, the in-game ranked season will be divided into two splits, like professional competitive seasons are. Taking a page from its own Teamfight Tactics, League players will essentially be able to earn twice as many rewards as they previously could, and Riot is releasing two Victorious skins this time as well. A start date for the second split hasnt been teased yet, but it might come around June or July.

Split one of season 13 really does start with the launch of Patch 13.1, as it was revealed last week, according to Riot Auberaun, League’s game producer. Update deploy times should be the same as usual for each region, starting in Oceania at 1pm CT on Jan. 10 and ending with Vietnam at 6pm CT on Jan. 11. That is in line with the schedule for the newly-released SEA servers as well.

Here are the specific start times and dates for League season 13 in each region:

RegionStart time and dateLocal start time and date
Oceania (OC)Jan. 10, 1pm CTJan. 11, 6am AEDT
Japan (JP)Jan. 10, 2pm CTJan. 11, 5am JST
Korea (KR)Jan. 10, 3pm CTJan. 11, 6am KST
Russia (RU)Jan. 10, 6pm CTJan. 11, 3am MSK
Turkey (TR)Jan. 10, 8pm CTJan. 11, 5am GMT+3
Europe (EUN)Jan. 10, 9pm CTJan. 11, 4am CET
Europe (EUW)Jan. 10, 11pm CTJan. 11, 5am GMT
Brazil (BR)Jan. 11, 1am CTJan. 11, 4am BRT
Latin America (LA2)Jan. 11, 2am CTJan. 11, 5am GMT-3
Latin America (LA1)Jan. 11, 4am CTJan. 11, 4am CT
North America (NA)Jan. 11, 5am CTJan. 11, 3am PT
Philippines (PH)Jan. 11, 2pm CTJan. 12, 4am GMT+8
Singapore (SG)Jan. 11, 3pm CTJan. 12, 5am GMT+8
Taiwan (TW)Jan. 11, 4pm CTJan. 12, 6am GMT+8
Thailand (TH)Jan. 11, 5pm CTJan. 12, 6am GMT+7
Vietnam (VN)Jan. 11, 6pm CTJan. 12, 7am GMT+7

Along with the release of the new season, Riot is promoting the Season 2023 Kickoff event, which runs from Jan. 10 to 11 and brings together selected players from nine competitive leagues: LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL, LJL, CBLOL, LLA, PCS, and VCS.

Each of the nine leagues is coming up with its own rules for the event, including a Boomers vs. Zoomers showdown for the LCS.

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