Riot confirms LoL’s bot AI system is getting some much-needed dev attention soon

Better bots, better practice.

Most League of Legends players have likely played against the game’s bots at least once in their lives, whether it was their first steps onto Summoner’s Rift or with a friend trying the game for the first time.

The AI isn’t the hardest to figure out for most players, but in a new developer vlog, Riot Games confirmed today that the AI systems will be getting a revamp very soon. Riot has created a new developer team that will be focusing on improving the bot AI systems for League so that both new players and veterans can get the most out of their practice time.

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Usually, bot games are reserved for new players who are trying to acclimate themselves to the new space, which can be relatively overwhelming for first-time summoners. There are so many different items, champions, and mechanics that must be learned, and if you’re thrown into a game with enemy players, it can be hard to focus on specific aspects and details.

In bot games, however, players don’t need to worry too much about taking pressure from the enemy team. League’s bots are very predictable and follow the same tendencies every time you load up against them in a match. This might be good for the newest players, but for those looking to elevate their practice, this AI simply doesn’t cut it.

By improving the AI, Riot aims to give players a space where they can practice in a low-pressure setting, while still being challenged by the bots to improve themselves. This new AI system should also give developers more tools to work with when thinking of new content, like possible game modes, mechanics, and more.

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Riot didn’t specify when these new AI changes will be implemented into the game, but the work is underway. More information could be released later in the year after the team has put its nose to the grindstone.

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