Riot brings sweeping changes to 4 VALORANT agents in Patch 5.07

The devs are targeting the meta.

A total of four VALORANT agents have received changes in Patch 5.07.

The agents who have been tweaked are Skye, KAY/O, Reyna, and Yoru. Riot Games wants to improve Duelists like Reyna and Yoru to handle one-vs-one scenarios better, while also aiming to make Initiators like KAY/O and Skye excel in teamplay situations.

When it comes to the Duelists, Reyna’s Leer has been adjusted by the developers. The range restriction on the ability has been removed, and the nearsight unequip delay, duration, and wind-up have been significantly decreased. Yoru, on the other hand, has seen some visual updates to his Flash, while Blindside has now a longer duration up to 1.75 seconds.

The devs also took a look at KAY/O and Skye’s kits. The former will now have a longer flash duration when throwing it through overhand (left-click) and will have a shorter flash duration when throwing underhand, which should make him more of a team player. Skye’s changes are similar since her Guiding Light now scales to 2.25 seconds over 0.75 seconds charge up, and cannot be destroyed by enemies, making it a much better tool in teamplay scenarios.

“These changes are intended to increase the total teamplay output of Skye and KAY/O when they coordinate plays with their teammates,” Riot said. “When it comes to Duelists with a flash ability, many of them have been outclassed by some of our Initiators when it comes to generating kills for themselves off their flashes.”

VALORANT Patch 5.07 is expected to hit the live servers today.

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