Riot are going to start deleting really old League of Legends accounts

But there are criteria that must be met.

Riot Games is set to start deleting accounts from League of Legends, but dont worryit probably wont be yours. According to a new announcement by the developer, Riot will be putting an end to all inactive accounts across their roster of games.

Accounts that have not been active for more than three years will be determined as inactive. Furthermore, there are some criteria they will need to meet in order to face deletion. These are as follows:

  • Account is inactive.
  • Account did not purchase any game currency in its lifetime.
  • Account did not receive any game currency in its lifetime.
  • Account has played fewer than 20 hours.
  • Account does not own any rare limited edition game entitlements.

If you fall into any of these categories then dont fret; you will be contacted prior to the deletion taking place. League accounts marked will have received an email to the address linked with their accounts.

In the coming months, Riot plans on bringing in an inactive account deletion policy giving players a place to opt out of the account deletion process.

As of right now, this is not available.

Given the strict criteria to meet deletion, it’s most likely that your account is not on the chopping block unless youve drifted away from Riots catalog for a long time. For those who find that their count has been a part of this deletion, youre going to need to start a new Riot ID as it doesnt appear that there is any way to retrieve this once it is gone.

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