Riot and Amazon appear to end LoL Prime Gaming capsule collaboration

No more bonus RP?

A monthly perk that many League of Legends players looked forward to may be gone for good without any indication that this was coming.

There will no longer be capsules given to League of Legends players through Prime Gaming after the current reward period ends, according to a conversation that YouTube creator Matty Love Gaming had with an Amazon employee. This would mark the end of a nearly two-year-long program, where Amazon Prime members were able to redeem monthly capsules for League full of RP, champion shards, a skin, and more.

In this conversation, the employee says the deal Riot Games had with Amazon was only expected to last until December 2022. The extension of the claim date for the current capsule until Feb. 16 appears to be to ensure that players who have not yet claimed this final capsule do so within ample time.

But the employee reassured that, supposedly, the two companies are working to bring more content in the future, though they were unable to provide any specific details. It is also currently unclear if the Prime Gaming promotions for Riots other titles, including VALORANT and Legends of Runeterra, will meet similar fates in the near future.

Players in a Reddit thread discussing this conversation noted that this decision may be tied to the recent availability of Riot titles on Xbox Game Pass, where players can earn various in-game rewards for connecting their Riot account. There is no indication that this has influenced the Prime Gaming program.

Riot did not comment to Dot Esports regarding the end of the current collaboration with Prime Gaming, nor has it provided any information on any future collaborations between the two.

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