Riot aims to bring Ashe back to her original role in LoL Patch 13.6 buff plans

"All the world on one arrow."

Although League of Legends Patch 13.6 might be a smaller update, with only eight champions set to receive direct buffs and nerfs, there might be room for shifting in the meta, especially considering Riot is targeting the bot lane extensively. With champions like Zeri and Yuumi set to be nerfed and others including Vayne and Ashe on the table to be buffed, the bottom lane meta could look different this time two weeks from now. 

In particular, the buffs coming to Ashe draw a significant amount of intrigue as Leagues lead balance designer Matt Leung-Harrison specifically cited that Riot would be buffing Ashe for the AD carry role in todays 13.6 patch preview. 

For the better part of the current seasonin both pro play and in solo queueAshe has been seen more prominently as a support champion than an AD carry.

Traditionally, the champion was designed with the intention of being a marksman, but through a combination of strong, sustained crowd control, the ability to provide vision, poke down enemies in lane, and start teamfights with Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R), Ashe has become a noteworthy support pick this year alongside other AD carries.

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This season, Ashe support has been picked 113 times in major region League games, while shes only been selected 16 times as an AD carry. Buffs to her potential as an ADC could balance those numbers out. Regardless, she holds a worldwide presence rate of 86 percent in pro play, the highest among all champions, according to League stats site

Beyond buffs to Ashe, Vayne is on the table to receive direct buffs, while Galio and Talon are also in line. Many other champions should receive indirect power increases from a buff to Nashors Tooth, which is the only item currently scheduled to receive buffs this patch.

Its still unclear how these champions will be buffed, although more information should be expected within the coming days when Riot releases a detailed version of the patch preview. 

League players wont have to wait that long for Patch 13.6, either, as the patch is scheduled to release in just nine days on March 22, according to the games patch schedule

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