Rick Sanchez will enter the MultiVersus ‘very soon’

This won't be his first crossover, but it might be his biggest.

New in-engine cinematic? Check. Mr. Meeseeks getting killed in a comedic way? Check. That can only mean Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty has finally been confirmed as the next playable fighter coming to MultiVersus. 

Rick was previously announced for the game alongside his grandson Morty at San Diego Comic-Con, though many players are surprised it has taken two months to actually bring the nihilistic inventor to the game. 

Morty was the first character added in season one, following a brief delay, on Aug. 23. Fans speculated that Rick would be added shortly after, but a month later, we finally know he is nearly finished. 

Rick will be released very soon, according to MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh. No official launch date was given for when the scientist will actually join the rosterthough it will likely be early next week since Player First Games tends to drop updates on Tuesdays. 

This is also the first time PFG has released a cinematic reveal for one of its new fighters using what looks to be completely in-engine assets. And while the visuals are a step down from something like the games official trailer or the short teaser for Gizmo and Stripe, seeing characters interact in new ways is still fun. 

You can expect more information about Rick soon, with the developers likely set to do a showcase around the character before launch to display just how his moveset works and just what gadgets he will bring to the battle alongside his trusty portal gun. 

We also know that the next patch for MultiVersus, which should release alongside Rick, is going to be sizable since the team has been heads down working on it for some time now. That means additional reworks to game systems, new features, or some chunky balance adjustments could be on the way.

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