Respawn warns Apex Legends Collection Event rewards tracker won’t be fixed anytime soon

Many players have seen their reward track blocked at around 30 percent completion.

Apex Legends’ latest season is in full swing, and players can now get their hands on exclusive skins with the Imperial Guard Collection event. But it’s already off to a rocky start with an issue blocking rewards, and further issues have arisen since.

For days now Apex players have complained their Collection Event reward tracker is getting blocked at 1,250 points.

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Respawn Entertainment provided a statement on the matter yesterdayand it’s not entirely reassuring. While the developer is “working on a fix,” the issue won’t be resolved before the end of the event, which is set for March 22.

It means even if players complete more challenges, they won’t progress through the tracker and won’t be able to claim the last rewards of the event.

Because of this bug, players are unable to claim two Rare Apex packs and one Epic pack, which are the most valuable free rewards they can get from the Collection Event.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The developer has yet to mention what will happen to the players who miss most of the event thanks to this bug.

Respawn confirmed it won’t extend the duration of the Collection Event. That being said, if progression is still processed even though it’s not shown on the tracker, players will likely obtain their rewards after the event concludes.

Players who missed the Imperial Guard’s first epic Apex pack due to a bug that was fixed within the first hours of the event will receive their pack “this weekend,” which could hint at the same fix for this issue as well.

Players still have until March 22 to complete Apex’s Imperial Guard Collection event.

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