Respawn teases ‘deeper, bigger’ stories coming to Apex Legends’ lore in season 17 and beyond

Richer narrative content might just be on the horizon.

Things have been quieter on the narrative front in Apex Legends for a few seasons now. Despite a variety of plot threads still hanging up in the air, from Crypto and Ashs plans to Valkyrie working behind Lobas back with Revenant, recent seasons have done little to drive the story forward.

Thats set to change in season 17, though, with narrative lead Ashley Reed teasing that the team wants to tell deeper, bigger stories about the Apex Games and the wider universe in the near future. While the fruits of that labor wont be in front of players at the seasons May 9 launch, something special is slated to hit around the middle of the season.

This news came during a recent press event, where Reed discussed both the stories told within Worlds Edges new Monument POI as well as the plans for the future of Apexs lore. 

Apex is in its fifth year and theres this rich well of design and lore to pull from for this museum and we want to tap into that as we tell deeper, bigger stories about the world, Reed said. More than that, we also want to tell deeper, bigger stories about the characters our players know and love.

The battle royale has managed to tell those deeper stories on occasion in the past, during events such as The Broken Ghost quest or The Williams Sendoff chronicle, but its struggled to consistently deliver on the expectations of an audience hungry for more tales about their favorite legends. The tease of greater things to come doesnt inherently mean that this will change, but theres a good chance well see more quality storytelling more often.

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In terms of those bigger stories, we have something special planned for this season that were not quite ready to talk about yet, but we wanted to let you know to keep your eyes peeled as we get closer to the middle of the season, Reed said.

What that might entail is up for debate, but the prospect of exciting things to come for the Apex story is a much-needed boost of adrenaline after a few seasons lacking on the narrative front.

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